The premium fertiliser combination for high value crops giving Australian Horticulture a “Kwik-Start”.


P: 6.0
K: 10.0
S: 8.0
Mg: 3.5
Ca: 14.5
Si: 5.0


This 50:50 blend creates a nutrient balance, which is completely safe to both the soil and soil life. This unique blend allows farmers and agronomists who value environmental stewardship to use or recommend KMS and Guano Gold.

KMS is the premium fertiliser choice for use on many and/or all Potassium dependant crops. It provides 3 naturally occurring essential nutrients; Potassium, Magnesium and Sulphur which are present in the highly available water-soluble form, and is low in Chloride so your crop can benefit from the nutrients immediately without the risk of Chloride damage. KMS is a neutral salt and does not affect soil pH.

GUANO GOLD is a high quality organic fertiliser for all crops where agronomy dictates the need for citric soluble Phosphorus and soluble Calcium.  It is low in heavy metals and available in granular form. It also contains 10% plant available silica.


The Advantages of KMS and Guano Gold as a Fertiliser Source

  • Naturally occurring mineral.
  • Contains a unique  6-in-1 combination of Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium and Silica.
  • Contains citric and non citric soluble Phosphorus.
  • Safe to the soil ecology.
  • Essentially chloride-free at 2.5% maximum of Sulphate source of all three nutrients.
  • Neutral salt that does not change the soil pH at any application rate.
  • High CEC.
  • KMS and Guano Gold combined is classified for use in certified organic crop production with sound agronomic integrity.
  • Very economical when all six nutrients are needed.
  • Low salt index.
  • Suitable as a  conventional , sustainable and organic  input. Highly Suitable for Peanuts, Corn, Cotton, Sugarcane, Pineapples, Potatoes, Soybeans, citrus and stone fruit, pastures and lucerne.



Silicon fertilisers such as Guano Gold-Kwik Start help increase the concentration of Mono-silica acids in the soil solution and their absorption on soluble phosphorus of Calcium [CaHPo4], Aluminium [2Al(H2Po4)] and Iron [2FePo4].

As a result Silicon fertilizers initiate the following processes:

1. transformation of slightly soluble phosphates into mobile forms, and

2. physical absorption of mobile phosphates by silicon-rich surfaces.

All facts suggest that Si rich materials can be used for reducing “P” “TIE UP”, and keep applied Phosphorus in plant available form.

CaHPo4 + Si(OH)4 = CaSio3  + H20 + H3Po4

2Al (H2Po4)3 + Si(0H)4 + H = Al2Si205 +5H3P04 +3H20

2FePo4 + Si(0H4) + H = Fe2Si04 + 2(H3P04)


Silica and KMS

Silicon fertilisers exhibit very good absorption properties.  Owing to this, leaching of Potassium from the soil surface horizon is reduced by the application of silicon.

Therefore Guano Gold-Kwik Start blended with KMS will allow for maximum availability of both P and K in soils that are high in Fe, Al or Ca.

The interaction of Silica allows the blend to work in both acid and slightly alkaline soils.
   Guano Gold/KMS Blends Chart
   7in1Guano-KMS Blend

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