Guano Gold® products are mined on the Island of Madura, Indonesia and exclusively imported to and marketed in Australia, by Kismet International Pty Ltd, for and on behalf of Guano Australia Pty Ltd.

As with any natural phosphate product mining there are variations in analysis within the mining operation.

Here at Guano Australia Pty Ltd our products are regularly and have been tested by FALA / SWEP Laboratories. Dating back to 1996. Being a natural mined product some variances in any analysis may occur.

Guano Australia Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for any variations. The buyer accepts and uses these products subject to any variations.

Our Guano Gold® products are supplied in granular and powder forms, for all types of agricultural and horticultural applications and also for stock feed and dry lick manufacturing. Our Guano Gold® products are premium fertilisers, certified by ACO & USDA accredited and, also approved by DPI for stock feed use.

Depending on various application requirements our Guano Gold® products can be custom blended with, SOA, MAP, DAP, MOP, SOP, SSP, KMS and or any other products to meet certain analysis as may be required.

Every care has and is taken in the mining process, granulation, importation and handling of this product.

Guano Gold® products have been tested, approved and cleared for pesticide residues, AQIS and Customs cleared.

SGS International tested, approved and certified as an Organic Registered Input.

However, climate, soil conditions, irrigation, blending, application and spreading methods and agricultural practices are beyond the control of Guano Australia Pty Ltd and/ or it’s parent company Kismet International Pty Ltd and cannot be foreseen. Please refer to your distributor for proper technical and handling advice.

The buyer accepts and uses Guano Gold® products to these conditions forthwith.