KMS is a natural, unique fertilizer product containing three essential nutrients Potassium, Sulphur and Magnesium:

K = Potassium 20% in non-chloride form
S = Sulphur 16%
Mg = Magnesium 7%

All three nutrients are present in the highly available water-soluble form. 

The continuous release rate (dissolves slowly) of potassium, sulphur and magnesium reduces and resists leaching losses making it a highly effective nutrient efficient fertilizer, with good environmental performances.

KMS = Yield and Quality = Sustainability = VALUE = Profitability



KMS Fertilizer is a highly available fully water soluble and bioavailable form of Potassium, balanced with Magnesium to aid in chlorophyll production with Sulphur to assist in enzyme activation.  As a result KMS is being recognised for the multitude of other advantages which flow on from this naturally unique product:

  • The unique 3 in 1 combination of these nutrients helps maintain nutrient balance particularly where high analysis fertilizers don't replace magnesium and sulphur lost from the soil each year.
  • In comparison to most other KSMg based fertilizers KMS Fertilizer has a lower Magnesium level, making it more suitable to a broader range of soils.
  • KMS is particularly suited for horticultural crops and dairy pastures via direct application or in a blend to enhance the effectiveness of the other fertilizers and animal nutrition in the case of dairy pastures.
  • KMS can readily replace traditional Potassium based fertilizers such as MOP with the advantage of reduced Chloride levels (50% vs 1.5%).
  • KMS in Organic Farming allows for higher inclusion rates of K as opposed to SOP.
  • Ideal product for Specialised Custom Blending with Guano Gold-Kwik Start, AmSul, DAP, MAP, MOP, SOP and/or other related products. Guano Gold/KMS Blends Chart
  • Long term reserves.
  • ACO Certified (ACO-309AI); suitable for organic crop/pasture application with sound agronomic integrity.
  • ACO Certificate
  • USDA Compliance Letter
  • Preferred nutrient ratios - 0:0:20:16 Mg 7%.
  • There is a strong antagonistic effect of Potassium on plant absorption of Magnesium; KMS helps to maintain a proper balance between Magnesium and Potassium in soils and plants.
  • Contains very low levels of Chloride making it suitable for high value horticultural crops such as potatoes and other Chloride sensitive crops.
  • Contains very low levels of heavy metals such as Cadmium, Lead and Mercury.
  • All nutrients are fully water soluble.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Available in 25kg Bags, 1MT Single Trip Bulka Bags and in Loose Bulk.
  • Available upon demand.
  • Shipped directly to Australian Capital City ports.
  • Product quality maintained through optimal turn-over.
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