Chris Ridout

From Chris's introduction to Madura Guano Gold-Kwik Start to 15 years later, he explains how the premium fertiliser has assisted.

My introduction to Guano Gold-Kwik Start® was from another farmer who used it growing oats. We spoke about the product and its make-up of high phosphate and calcium, and I thought I'd give it a try.

The first application was at 80kg per ha, half tonne of lime, 45kg of gypsum, 100kg of mineral mix, with oats seeded at 75kg per ha.

The paddock was ploughed and harrowed to incorporate the above fertilizer mix. This was not my usual practice. I would normally use a knock down herbicide with application of super potash or AGRAS no 2, with direct drill.

It was a reasonable season with a little water logging mid-winter for two weeks. The crop performed quite well, showing no sign of needing nitrogen. The harvest was fairly average, due to a late attack from army worm.

The second year, we planted again to oats, using knock down herbicide with the same application of fertilizer, with Guano Gold® at a less rate of 48kg per ha. It was planted late because of the poor break to the season and just after planting the crop, it suffered 200 mm of rain in seven days.

Once again the crop seemed to show no signs of needing nitrogen application. As the season went on, I was tempted to spray for ryegrass, as it seemed there would be quite some competition with the oats. As it happened, it remained too wet to spray and was left to a later date.

As the season went on, the oats seemed to cope with the competition of out growing to rye still not showing signs of needing nitrogen. It was evident that the oat plant had developed a very vigorous root structure to seek moisture and nutrients, to compete against the weeds.

At harvest, I was surprised at the quite reasonable yields of all paddocks sown. The best paddock performing at an average of 4.5 tonnes per ha, even though there was quite a lot of competition with ryegrass, and still no application of nitrogen for a second year.

I would suggest to anyone wanting to try this new product, that it has shown to work quite satisfactorily for me, and has proven itself to be a top quality  fertilizer, which I believe will be used for many farming practices.

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I have been using Guano Gold-Kwik Start® for over 15 years. It seems to work well in all soil types. I like the product because it is all-available to the plant. It also has no sulphuric acid in the product, which over time, I believe is bad for the soil and soil microbes, being one of the most important workers in our soils.

The product is imported by KISMET INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd and is marketed out of Elders, who provide a 30 day credit facility, which allows you to buy now and pay later. The Guano Gold® was good to use and handle and there were no problems/blockages with the air seeder. What I also like about the product is there is no sulphuric acid and it was easy on the machinery.

Dealing with Kismet [Guano Australia] has been only the one phone call and all has been taken care of by their team. They can give all information from soil samples, plant tissue, the Agronomist if wanted.

I have been pleased with the results from using the products. The year most of Western Australia had very good rain fall, where we farm 60km on the east side of Narembeen we had only 225mm of rain for the year. The season started off well with 75mm in May and good rain in early June. Come late June to early August we had very little rain to the point possibly two more weeks of dry and we may not have harvested much at all. Along with the dry July and August, there were many frosts, but fortunately we weren’t affected. In mid August some rain and another late rain in September which gave us the crops we harvested.

Overall the district had mixed results, from badly affected with frost, to 2.3 tonne per hectare.

Chris Ridout

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Being so far away from our markets, durability is critical and the Silica is really good in terms of hardening up the skin and making the melons better to transport.Ord River WA irrigator David Menzel-Barradale
The problem with many organic fertilisers is that they have very low rates of nutrients, meaning you need to put out high rates. A product like Guano Gold has 12pc P, whereas Guano Sulphur Gold has 10.5pc P, obviously with additional sulphur. These figures compare very favourably with something like a single superphosphate product. Agronomically, it’s a good product in any setting, not just for organic producers.Garry Allison, Landmark Agronomist. Mount Gambier, SA
For the broadacre croppers, Guano Gold works really well in paddocks where they have had issues with nutrient tie-up. He said the majority of synthetic P products have large rates of water soluble P. The problem with that is that you can have instances where it ends up tying up zinc in the soil so you run into problems with zinc deficiencies. Not only does the slow release nature of the Guano Gold product work well over the entire season, it also contains zinc for the crop as well as the other nutrients.Moree agronomist Rob Drewitt
We strongly recommend the Guano Gold products to fellow farmers if they are looking at improving their Calcium and Silica levels using various methods of application such as foliar and granular.James and Aimee Thomas Falkirk Macadamia Farm
I have recommended Guano Gold products for 20 years and in all cases had excellent long-term results increasing in pasture productivity.Paul Baguely - PB Ag Consulting
They are high analysis products so you get your nutrients without having to put too much fertiliser out.Anthony Beutel, Googa Farm Organics
We have known since the 1930s that phosphorus is one of the main elements required to grow a successful crop of not just the (flax) plant but the seed. It was one of those products that was first out in a granular type form and it was so much easier to get an even coverage over the ground, rather than a powder form. Later on the product became a little more refined, so we could put it through our air-seeder. We also broadcast some of it, prior to seeding, when we are cultivating ground. The products have great characteristics in relation to phosphate and silica, which is exactly what we need for flax.Waltanna Farms flax-seed farmer & Ambassador for Guano Australia, Michael Nagorcka

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