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Features & Benefits of Guano Gold - Kwik Start

Guano Gold Fertilizer
Guano Gold Fertilizer
Natural Organic Fertilizer

Widely recognised and endorsed by organic organisations and growers

Low in heavy metal 
Enviromentally friendly
50% Citrate soluble
Rapid release for plant establishment and growth
50% Citrate insoluble
Residual phosphorus supply towards plants maturity
High in CEC Excellent for plant growth/soil enhancer
High in Silica Important for flavour, colour and taste, assists to resist pest and disease, plant cell structure and untie "P"
No odour No objection to humans or attraction to dogs or cats
Granulated product Easy to spread
Suitable for blending Ability to blend to suit any growing requirements
Excellent grower reports Assurance of yields if used appropriately
Organic product Directly and indirectly adds organic matter. Improves water and nutrient holding capacities
High in Organic Carbon Important for soil structure


1. Available Phosphorus - Not Tied Up
2. 50 - 50 Phosphorus Split
3. Phosphorus Not Water Soluble
4. Active Calcium Availability
5. Directly And Indirectly Adds Organic Matter
6. Improves Water And Nutrient Holding Capacity
7. Active Silicon Availability
8. High Cation Exchange Capacity
9. High Organic Carbon Level
10. Acts As A Soil Conditioner

"10 OUT OF 10"

1. Better metabolism of nitrates in plants.
2. More phosphorus over the growing period.
3. Stronger cell walls leading to:

  • Flavour enhancement.
  • Resistance to mould and fungus attack.
  • More upright stems and open leaves.
  • Enhanced photosynthesis.
4. More fertile and viable seed production.
5. Increase in soil microfauna.
6. Longer shelf life of produce.
7. Food that is better to eat.

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